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The Province of Aklan is situated on the Western Visayas Region called Region VI of the national administrative and political zoning system. It is bounded on the northwest by Sulu Sea, Sibuyan Sea on the east, Antique Province on the west, and Capiz on the south.

The Island of Boracay is located at the northwestern tip of Panay, along with the western part of the province of Negros, the island of Panay, and many smaller islands. The westernmost island in Western Visayas, Boracay borders the provinces of Mindoro to the northwest and Romblon to the north. Approximately 65 kilo meters from Kalibo, the capital of Aklan and approximately 345 kilo meters south of Manila. It belongs to the Municipality of Malay, Aklan and it is composed of three barangays: Yapak, Manoc-Manoc and Balabag. The Island lies within 11 degrees 56 minutes north latitude and 121 degrees 55 minutes east longitude. The total land area of the island is 1038.82 hectares divided into three distinct sections. These are the north-hills or the barangay Yapak hills containing an area of 182.20 hectares. The flat narrow stretch of sandy area separating the two hills measures 1.8 kilo meters reckoned from the foot of the hills. Barangay Yapak has the wildest cross-sections of 2.8 kilo meters measured perpendicular to the line running little less narrow measuring only 2.1 kilo meters. The best part of the island is its four-kilometer white beach situated at the west coast between Sitio Angol in Barangay Manoc-Manoc and Balabag This small island has become the prime destination in the Philippines and it is positioned as a sun-beach and holiday destination. Boracay Island is declared under Tourist Zone and Marine Reserve Pursuant to Proclamation No. 1801 dated Nov. 10, 1973 as amended by Executive Order No. 120 in January 1987. Boracay is well known to be one of Asia's finest beaches.



The population in the Island of Boracay is good. As of Year 2000, it has a total of 12,003. The population density of the island are 1,241 per sq. km.


The climate is HOT and HUMID all year round. The temperature is quite normal. The average annual mean temperature is 24.4 °C. The warmest months are March to May while the coolest months are December to February. The average annual maximum and minimum temperatures are 30.5 °C and 24.3 °C.


The wind comes North east from October to February, East-Northeast winds from March to May and southeast winds from June to September. The northeast is the most prevailing wind where it is more convenient and comfortable to travel by sea.


Boracay Island has complete facilities and amenities offering convenience to foreign and local tourists. There are hotels and resorts equipped with full service facilities. The presence of communications local and abroad, there is the NDD and IDD telephone service from landlines and cellular phones. The supply of potable water is abundant on the island and now the implementation of sewerage system among business and residential establishments. There is also a safe water refill stations and bottled mineral drinking water. There is availability of electric power supply and generator in case of power interruption. There are business establishments, recreations and entertainment like golf sports, bowling, discos, bars, restaurants, delicatessen products, cable televisions, water fun sports like parasailing, scuba diving, water skiing, banana boats, etc. There’re also a horseback riding, bicycling, billiards, gyms, spas and a lot more. Foreign currency exchange services is done by the banks and foreign exchange currency establishments and also some resorts and hotels. Peso is the medium of exchange. The U. S. Dollar and major credit cards are widely accepted. In case of medical needs, there are public and private medical clinics and drugstores. Public and private International Schools here offers education starting nursery up to high school level and now NVC International School offers college courses in the island. The wellness of place makes you to stay on the island paradise convenient for a lifetime.


Filipino is the national language, which is derived from the Tagalog dialect. English is used by most people especially in schools, hotels and whilst conducting business. Minor dialects are also spoken.



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